Can Dental Crowns Really Be Affordable?

March 27, 2020 5:55 pm
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Though dental clients are often worried about affordable dental crowns, they are a versatile solution to many dental issues.
  • Cavity so large it can be filled? Dental crown!
  • Badly stained and/or discolored tooth? Dental crown!
  • Oddly-shaped tooth? Dental crown!
  • Chipped tooth? Dental crown!
  • Fragile tooth? Dental crown!
  • Tooth needs protection? Dental crown!
  • Getting dental implants?  Guess what covers them? Dental crowns!
  • Need a bridge? Guess what sets the foundation? Dental crowns!
We could keep boring, but the lack of a surprising answer may bore you…  And as versatile as these dental crowns are, they share a lot of similarities:

Affordable Dental Crowns

When you hear “dental crown” does your bank account automatically pucker? We have good news.  Dental insurance will often cover a large portion of your dental crown procedure… Unless you have either reached your deductible, or the underlying issue of the reason for your dental crown is considered a “pre-existing” condition. In that case, we recommend considering a dental savings plan, which will often offer its members up to 60% in savings for a myriad of dental services, including dental crowns.  And, unlike dental insurance, there is no cap on the services you receive with a dental savings plan, either with deductibles or pre-existing conditions. So if you have a dental condition that can be fixed with a dental crown? Don’t fret.  You can also give us a call anytime to discuss your options!