Can You Inherit Bad Teeth?

April 18, 2023 5:28 pm
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mother and daughter hug and smile showing off their straight, white teeth

Maybe someone has told you that you have your mother’s eyes or your father’s nose. From the color of our hair to how tall we are, genetics plays a fascinating role in our appearance. So what about with our teeth? Whether because they’re hoping their child will inherit their spouse’s beautiful smile (or maybe avoid the orthodontic issues they experienced as a teen), many people wonder if it’s possible to inherit bad teeth. Let’s dive in!

How Genes Affect Teeth

The short answer is that yes, bad teeth can be inherited. By that we mean that genetics affects the development of your teeth and enamel as well as the size and shape of your jaw. Put together, the shape, color, strength, fit, and alignment of one’s teeth is influenced by your genes. It also means that the risk of certain dental issues can also be passed down through the generations. For instance, how prone you are to cavities or gum disease can also be traced back to genetics.

Remember, just because you have crooked or crowded teeth doesn’t necessarily automatically mean that your child’s teeth will develop exactly like that. It just means that there is a likelihood. Just like how both you and your partner having brown eyes means there’s a likelihood your child will too but not a guarantee.

Your Smile’s Future

Regardless of what kind of smile you’ve inherited from your family, modern dentistry offers many opportunities to improve its aesthetics if there’s something you aren’t happy with. At Gregory B. Garrett, DDS, Family Dentistry, we offer comprehensive services that span preventive, restorative, and cosmetic treatments. We can straighten teeth with clear aligner therapy, we can boost the brightness of your teeth with teeth whitening, and so much more.

If you’re interested in transforming your smile, contact our practice in Wilmington to set up a consultation. Our team can sit down and discuss your options and create a custom treatment plan for you. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

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