Do I Need a Crown or a Filling?

September 24, 2022 12:27 am
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While teeth are very strong, they can still get damaged due to tooth decay, trauma, or normal wear-and-tear. To repair the damage and prevent further harm, dentists often use fillings or crowns. How do you know when you need one and how are they different?

Filling vs. Crown

Fillings are a common treatment for tooth decay and cavities, small chips, and other mild damage. For a cavity, a dentist cleans out the decay and fills in the hole with a special dental material. The bulk of your tooth is still intact and visible. A filling is a fairly quick procedure that only takes one appointment.

In contrast, crowns are tooth-colored porcelain caps that fit entirely over a tooth. They are utilized to reinforce a tooth affected by serious damage, such as advanced decay, infection, or serious breakage. A crown can also hide discolored or misshapen teeth, reinforce a tooth after a root canal treatment, or replace a tooth on top of a dental implant.

Same-Day CEREC® Crowns

While traditional dental crowns require two appointments, that’s not the case with CEREC crowns! At our office, we have an on-site milling machine that allows us to create custom crowns in just one visit using digital scans of your tooth. You won’t have to bother with a temporary crown or multiple appointments to receive your crown.

When You May Need a Filling or Crown

You may benefit from a filling or a dental crown if you experience:

  • Increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Tooth pain that comes and goes
  • Tooth pain when you bite down or chew
  • Persistent, throbbing pain
  • Changes to your bite
  • A crack or break in a tooth

At your routine checkups, our team can discuss any problems with your smile and recommend the appropriate restorative treatment to reduce your pain and prevent infection.

We Can Repair Your Smile!

Restorative dentistry, such as fillings and crowns, restores teeth damaged by issues like decay and trauma. The right treatment will depend on your specific situation. If you’re experiencing problems with your teeth, please contact us today to schedule a visit with Dr. Garrett and our team!

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