What to Expect During a Dental Crown Procedure

October 31, 2021 12:15 pm
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Blonde woman at the dentist is about to receive a CEREC dental crown

Dental crowns are a fabulous option for those who have a tooth that has been affected by decay, injury, discoloration, or wear and tear. They are natural looking, tooth-shaped caps that go over a natural tooth that cannot be restored through other types of treatment. A crown is made of materials like porcelain, resin, acrylic, or ceramic and are designed to match your natural smile. The result is a beautiful, even smile that is protected from further damage.

At Gregory B. Garett, DDS, we offer same-day CEREC® dental crowns to patients who desire a healthier, more even smile. Below is a walkthrough of our dental crown process.

How Same-Day CEREC Crowns Work

The traditional dental crown procedure typically takes place in two visits, but because we offer same-day CEREC crowns, the procedure can take place in just one!

During your visit, Dr. Garrett will examine your tooth and surrounding areas. He will then numb the area around the tooth to reshape it, whether to reduce the biting surface or fill it in. Then he will take careful impressions and 3D scans of your tooth to ensure that you receive a crown that matches your smile. Those scans will then be placed in our onsite milling machine to create your custom dental crown.

Once your crown is ready, Dr. Garrett will place the crown over your affected tooth and make any necessary adjustments. You can receive a dental crown as quickly as a morning or afternoon — no need to wait for your crown to be designed by an outside lab and sent back to our dental office!

Affordable Dental Crowns in Wilmington, NC

Our same-day CEREC dental crowns are not only convenient, they’re also affordable! We offer a variety of payment options so you can get the treatment you need at a price that fits your budget. We’d be delighted to discuss financing with you in further detail during your consultation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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