SureSmile® Clear Aligner Therapy in Wilmington, NC

Clear aligner teeth straightening is effective, quick, and more comfortable than other cosmetic enhancing options. Instead of metal braces, patients that visit our office in Wilmington have the option to select SureSmile® clear aligners to straighten their smile! If you’d like to work with Dr. Garrett to achieve the straight smile that you have always wanted, please get in touch with our office to schedule a consultation!

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What is SureSmile® Clear Aligner Therapy?

SureSmile® aligners are a system of trays designed to fit comfortably while promoting the movement needed to achieve a straight smile. The clear aligners are designed by Dr. Garrett based on the scan of your current smile. The scan is then sent to a digital lab that crafts the custom-made aligners to work effectively with your treatment plan. SureSmile® can correct crowding, spacing, and crookedness while being almost unnoticeable!

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How long does SureSmile® take?

Before you begin SureSmile®, Dr. Garrett and our team will thoroughly evaluate your oral health and your current smile to determine what needs to be addressed during treatment. Once your exam and treatment plan are drafted, you’ll have a general idea of how long until you get your SureSmile® before and after. However, SureSmile® clear aligner teeth straightening may take only 12 to 15 months to complete. Stay on track with your treatment timeline by wearing the aligners every day!

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How much is SureSmile®?

SureSmile® cost will vary per patient. SureSmile®, like other clear aligners, is an investment but often costs less than other clear aligner teeth straightening options. Not only does a straight smile bring a beautiful smile, but it also results in a healthier one! At Gregory B. Garrett, DDS, we offer various payment options and are happy to help you determine which is the best financial option for you. Visit our financial page to learn more.

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